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15 December 2010

In November, the Federal reserve Board confirmed the commencement of the second wave of Quantitative Easing (QE). With rates near 0 percent, the Fed engages in the purchase of hundreds of billions of dollars of debt, namely in the form of Treasury bonds, by simply printing money.

20 December 2010

Gil Morales talks about prospects for 2011

27 December 2010

Chris Kacher talks talks to Danny Stewart about the golden opportunities in the market. They discuss NFLX along with many other insightful opportunities.

31 December 2010

Gil Morales. New Year, New Ways to Make Money

03 January 2011

Think of a magician coming up to you and enthusiastically prompting you to “pick a stock, any stock!” We’ve seen numerous predictions calling for 2011 to be the year of the stock. But one historically oriented contrarian view actually suggests that the coming year could be more accurately described as the “year of the correction.”   Read the full article here.

10 January 2011

Chris Kacher talks about the effects of QE, and the risks to the current uptrend in the stock market.

18 January 2011

Gil Morales discusses shorting stocks and the current market.

21 January 2011

Chris Kacher talks about his views on the general market, the gap down in FFIV and other cloud stocks this week, contrasts between now and October 2010 when cloud stock EQIX disappointed, as well as discussion about the flash crash of May 2010 and a stock that is bucking the weakness in the market.

24 January 2011

Discussion of the current market action and breakdown in key leaders over the prior week.

01 February 2011

Virtue of Selfish Investing (VoSI) founders, Gil Morales and Dr. Chris Kacher, are announcing a new webinar series to help traders achieve extraordinary gains, avoid devastating losses, and trade like a Bill O'Neil disciple.

Read the full press release here.

01 February 2011

China recently passed Japan as the world’s No. 2 economy, and it’s likely it will also surpass the United States at some point in the near future. Read the full article here.

11 February 2011

Read the review here.

17 February 2011

Chris Kacher and Gil Morales talk about strategies on how to time the market.

21 February 2011

Feb 21, 2011 1:30pm - 2:30pm EST Traders Expo at MoneyShow in New York City.

Download handouts here.

"How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market by Trading Like an O’Neil Disciple"

How to identify low risk buy points through enhanced pivot points called pocket pivot buy points. Pocket pivots enable you to buy early, ahead of the crowd, with lower risk and greater potential reward, and even enable you to find a winning stock if you missed its initial base breakout. Gil Morales and Dr. Chris Kacher explained how to find price consolidations, and why they present unique buying opportunities within the current real-time outlook. They described which strategies are profitable during both bull and bear markets; how to spot buying stocks pivoting out of bases, and why certain stocks are not too expensive to buy even after they gap up. Attendees learned which breakout strategies are viable today, and how to spot exceptional opportunities even in the bear markets like the freefall of 2000-2002. Morales and Kacher also covered how to overcome damaged investing psychology during challenging market environments, and shared their own challenges in difficult markets.

21 February 2011

Gil Morales discusses the benefits and risk factors to short selling, imparting tips on how to determine a good time to go short and exposing common mistakes beginners must avoid.

21 February 2011

A cardinal sin of most investors is staying in losing positions for too long. Learn to identify the signals early, and then get out!

21 February 2011

Chris Kacher discusses topics including his reliable market timing model, risk management, and scaling into and out of new positions.

21 February 2011

Chris Kacher explains how he applies what is called the "Pocket Pivot" strategy in order to trade individual stocks.

22 February 2011

Gil Morales talks about how recent stock declines could create a "buyable dip"

23 February 2011

Gil Morales and Chris kacher discuss what investors should be doing amid Middle East turmoil

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