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Pocket Pivot Review

This is the original home of the pocket pivot buy point. This buy point was observed by Dr. Chris Kacher in 2005 when the sideways choppy markets of 2004-2005 were making base breakouts fail. Buying pocket pivots are to our advantage because they get us into a stock early often before it breaks out of its base. It also enables us to add to a position in a winning stock. Such stocks often have multiple pocket pivot points as they move higher. We offer guidance on when to buy and when to sell.

More recently, as a result of our current, up-to-the-minute research, the arsenal of pocket pivots has expanded to include "roundabout" and "bottom-fishing" pocket pivots, five-day pocket pivot clusters, and pocket pivot voodoo set-ups. As the markets shift and evolve, our methods follow suit, as we work hard to stay ahead of the curve in order to gain an edge in difficult or unusual market environments.

Undercut & Rally

Undercut & rally entry points occur when a stock undercuts a prior significant low in its chart pattern then rallies above that low. Such patterns help keep risk to a minimum so your risk is just a couple percent or less should the market falter.

Buyable Gap Ups

Stocks with strong fundamentals and technicals that are gapping up will be flagged. We discuss the conditions for buyable gap ups in the FAQ section 'keyword: buyable gap' and in our books. We offer guidance on when to buy and when to sell. Unusual buyable gap-ups, such as "bottom-fishing buyable gap-ups," are a derivative of buyable gap-ups but are covered as offbeat ideas in the VoSI VooDoo Report.

Focus List Review

This report is a compilation and reference list of stocks for which Pocket Pivot or Buyable Gap-Up Reports have been issued. On occasion a stock will be added to the Focus List based on other criteria. The Focus List Review roster of stocks is not intended as a "buy list" or a list of immediately actionable recommendations. Stocks on the list may or may not be in proper buy positions, and investors should exercise discretion and proper judgement in determining when and where stocks on the Focus List can be purchased. Here are some examples. Each weekend we review actionable names within the list, or the conditions under which any of the stocks on the Focus List would become actionable to help guide members in their own investment decision-making.

Short-Sale Set Ups

We will email you in real-time any stocks we believe can be shorted. Gil Morales is one of the best if not the best at short selling individual stocks as his audit shows. His triple digit percentage return in 2001 was due primarily to selling short individual stocks. He also nearly doubled his account in May 2010 during the infamous “Flash Crash” of May 5, 2010. In bear markets, there are liable to be a larger number of quality short-sale set ups. We provide guidance on the actionability of short-sale set-ups as they occur, and our methods enable members to determine optimal cover points based on their own objectives for the position and personal risk-preference.

Crypto Report

TThis service will provide guidance on entry points on various cryptocurrencies as well as vehicles such as GBTC (tracks bitcoin) and ETCG (tracks ethereum classic). Exit points may be provided in exceptional circumstances, though in general, you must use your own risk tolerance levels to know when to sell. Here are some examples of previous reports and some examples of Dr K's cryptopicks. As of Feb 19, 2020, Dr K's two most favored cryptocurrencies, LINK and ENJ, are outperforming the pack. He has bought both several times thus these two represent his largest crypto holdings with bitcoin his third largest position.

You must also do your own due diligence in terms of how to buy various cryptocurrencies and how to properly store your coins. Google key terms to learn how to do so. There is a vast amount of information available.

Understand all risks since the volatility of these cryptocurrencies well exceeds the volatility of any stock. Storing your coins on an exchange carries the risks of getting hacked, though such risks continue to appreciably diminish as the cryptospace matures.

The technical action in bitcoin (BTC) is relatively clean. BTC is a major guideline in terms of the direction of the whole crypto market. I utilize a number of variables to sense major directional changes in the price of bitcoin.

Here's one example using my CryptoTimer (CT) in 2018:

That said, some coins such as Neo in June 2017, Walton in late 2017, and Binance in early 2018 can buck crypto bear markets. All coins had top management, huge disruptive potential, and strong technical patterns among other factors.

Market Lab Report

The 'Market Lab Report' provides our analysis on stocks and the markets. We also may include special edition Market Lab Reports as needed that cover market psychology, thematic developments among leadership areas of the market, discussions and analysis of the macro-economic and market view, and basic trading tips, among many other topics that would otherwise fall outside the purview of our other report services. The Market Lab Reports are designed as a general forum within which we discuss our thoughts about and approach to the current market environment, including the thematic basis for actionable stock ideas. This is not a one-way, "bull market only" service, as we will provide actionable short-sale ideas during bear markets. We believe that the trend should always be your friend, whether bull or bear.