The O’Neil Disciples, Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales, co-authors of
  “Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market” and “In the Trading
  Cockpit with the O’Neil Disciples” and former internal portfolio managers for William O’Neil +
  Company, show you how to gain a material edge in today’s market
When breakouts become obvious and everybody sees them, decreasing their
effectiveness, stop running with the herd and learn to use the alternative buying
techniques employed by Dr. K and Gil to
gain an advantage over the crowd.
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Pocket Pivots™ and Buyable Gap-Ups™ are powerful buying
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. Use Dr. K’s
Market Direction Model to ensure you are in sync with the market, or
trade index and sector ETFs based on the model’s buy, sell, and neutral/cash signals.

BUYABLE GAP-UP™  Click here for archived reports

Just because a stock is "extended" on a gap-up move doesn't mean you can't buy it. The fact is that in many leading stocks, a Buyable Gap-Up™ can often be your most profitable buy point!
Tesla Motors (TSLA)
on May 9, 2013 at $70
TSLA gapped up after reporting earnings on May 8th, but the move was a clear Buyable Gap-Up™ buy signal as long as one was willing to ignore conventional approaches that would see the big upside gap move as "extended" and therefore unbuyable.
Sierra Wireless (SWIR)
on November 6, 2014 at $33.60
Sierra Wireless (SWIR) gapped up sharply on November 6, 2014 after announcing strong earnings after the close on the prior day. The buyable gap-up move resulted in a sharp upside trend from there.

POCKET PIVOTS™  Click here for archived reports

Use Pocket Pivot™ buy points to purchase a stock when it's still within its base, before the crowd sees it!

Alibaba (BABA)
on October 21, 2014 at $90.90
After coming public in September of 2014 and immediately rallying to a high of $99.70 on its first day of trading, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) then pulled back and formed its first base, issuing a pocket pivot buy signal near the lows of the base at $90.90, eventually breaking out to new highs and a peak of $120 in just four weeks.
Three-D Systems (DDD)
on April 30, 2013 at $38.24
DDD was buyable as it just started coming up off the lows of a big "cup" formation, long before it broke out of its base, a breakout that ended up going nowhere. In this case the Pocket Pivot™ advantage was clear - would you rather buy at 38.25 or try and buy the breakout that went nowhere at 48.11?
Note: Pocket Pivots™ and Buyable Gap-Ups™ are not issued as recommendations to purchase a stock, but as real-time reports alerting you to potentially actionable and factual technical action in a leading stock. Examples shown here are intended to illustrate the advantage traders and investors can gain by acting on these reports while also implementing proper risk-management and stop-loss techniques. As we like to say, in the stock market the opportunity of a lifetime can come every few weeks. Catching one or two big winners, and doing so early, can make your whole investment year, and our goal is to help you do just that.
Market Timing Results (unaudited)  Click here for results
Our Market Direction Model can help you profit from identifiable market trends, whether up or down. Use it to implement an ETF-based investment strategy that can simplify the process and put you in a position to produce big profits during strong market trends. See our results page to understand how the model functions in actual market environments. 2013-14 have been the toughest years so far for market timing and market timing models, let alone the trendless volatile markets of 2011-2012. Indeed, market timing strategies have been well underperforming the general markets since 2013. Being down for year 2013 has become the status quo when it comes to market timing ETFs. Indeed, the trend following wizards which are a group of top fund managers who have been interviewed in books such as Michael Covel's Trend Following and Jack Schwager's Market Wizards series are collectively down once again since 2013. This is unprecedented in the long histories of these elite fund managers which sometimes exceed 30 years. Most recent results of these wizards are shown here. Fortunately, such periods always come to an end, new trends begin, and the model's gains in catching these trends have more than made up for the small losses. It is often darkest before the dawn.
3x ETF TECL1.4%+18%-10.2%+35.0%+83.8%+118.3% 
All Market Direction Model (MDM) results cited are hypothetical and have not been achieved in an actual portfolio. The back-tested and real-time results are based on taking 100% positions in the specified ETF on an MDM buy or sell signal, and liquidating to a 100% cash position on an MDM neutral signal. The results shown are intended to give an idea of the MDM's effectiveness in identifying market trends based on back-tested and real-time hypothetical results, and investors' actual results may vary depending on timing, position, size, and the type of ETF or combination of ETFs used to implement the MDM signal.