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The O’Neil Disciples, Dr. Chris Kacher and Gil Morales, co-authors of
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portfolio managers for legendary investor William O'Neil , show you how to
gain a material edge in today’s market
When breakouts become obvious and everybody sees them, decreasing their
effectiveness, stop running with the herd and learn to use the alternative buying
techniques employed by Dr. K and Gil to
gain an advantage over the crowd.
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Pocket Pivots™ and Buyable Gap-Ups™ are powerful buying
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Timing Models to ensure you are in sync with the market, or
trade index and sector ETFs based on the models’ buy, sell, and neutral/cash signals.
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In today's markets, more than 90% of fund managers cannot beat the S&P 500. We challenge the status quo with our early-entry buy point strategies.

BUYABLE GAP-UP™  Click here for archived reports

Just because a stock is "extended" on a gap-up move doesn't mean you can't buy it. The fact is that in many leading stocks, a Buyable Gap-Up™ can often be your most profitable buy point!
Nvidia (NVDA) on May 13, 2016
at 35.80
Nvidia (NVDA) has been a big leader in 2016, providing its graphics chips for everything from video games to automobiles. On May 13, 2016 it gapped up on massive volume where it appeared to be "extended" from the base breakout point. However, using our buyable gap-up rules, our members were able to buy the stock at that point and benefit from the ensuing upside price trend.
Ulta Salons Cosmetics & Fragrances (ULTA) on April 8, 2016 at 201.51
Ulta Salons Cosmetics & Fragrances (ULTA) has been a steadily trending stock that posted several buyable gap-up moves during its 2016 upside trend. Each buyable gap-up resulted in further upside as the stock continued to trend higher in persistent fashion.

POCKET PIVOTS™  Click here for archived reports

Use Pocket Pivot™ buy points to purchase a stock when it's still within its base, before the crowd sees it!

Gigamon (GIMO) on June 1, 2016 at 31.78
Gigamon (GIMO) was a recent IPO within the past three years that finally began to percolate in mid-2016 after building a long, three-year consolidation. On June 1 the stock posted a subtle pocket pivot within its base, well before the actual base breakout, and launched higher from there over the next several months.
Weibo (WB) on April 6, 2016
at 20.32
Weibo (WB) was a recent IPO and is known as the "Chinese Twitter." The stock began a sharp upside move with a pocket pivot breakout on April 6, 2016. It built two more bases following that initial pocket pivot in what became a sustained upside price trend.
Note: Pocket Pivots™ and Buyable Gap-Ups™ are not issued as recommendations to purchase a stock, but as real-time reports alerting you to potentially actionable and factual technical action in a leading stock. Examples shown here are intended to illustrate the advantage traders and investors can gain by acting on these reports while also implementing proper risk-management and stop-loss techniques. As we like to say, in the stock market the opportunity of a lifetime can come every few weeks. Catching one or two big winners, and doing so early, can make your whole investment year, and our goal is to help you do just that.


VIX Volatility Model is down -6.5% in 2017 as of 4-24-17.
Its high-water mark for the year was +54.3% as of 3-3-17 in Real-Time Trading.
Please read the update here.

Go here for more details.
Q: Worried about one of the many market bubbles bursting so we replay the financial disaster of 2008 or worse?
Answer: VIX Volatility Model (VVM) can beautifully exploit volatile markets with its profit-taking strategies for fast gains.
Q: Worried about missing the next uptrend? Answer: VVM had a number of large gains in 2016 partly due to implementation of profit-taking strategies. Two large gains were due to capturing two major uptrends which resulted in gains of +23.2% and +17.2%. We sent members an email suggesting taking partial profits on September 9, 2016, twelve minutes after the open, when profits were still near +40% on just one signal alone.
Q: Frustrated with trendless markets? Answer: VVM can profit even when the stock market isn't going anywhere. The S&P 500 traded sideways from July to September 2016 but VVM was up +17.2% over the same period, and as much as +40.2% on September 8, 2016. Partial profit taking was suggested 12 minutes after the open on September 9.
Market Timing Results (unaudited)  Click here for results
Our timing strategies can help you profit from identifiable market trends, whether up, down, or sideways. Use them to implement an ETF-based investment strategy that can simplify the process and put you in a position to produce big profits during strong market trends. See our results to understand how the models function in actual market environments. With heavy market manipulations via quantitative easing (QE), the market has been through its toughest years so far for market timing. The clear answer has been the VIX Volatility Model™. Go here for more details.